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IP Live Broadcasting System

SMV IP live broadcast system utilizes IP transmission and management technology to achieve zero-delay live broadcast through LAN intranet.

Flag Raising Ceremony

Live Broadcast

*Can share the same intranet with IPPA

Geog. Room

Special Room

Live Broadcast

Auditorium performance

Live Broadcast

Principal's Office Live Broadcast

Play in Classrooms

Play in Auditorium


Play in Covered playground

School Office

live broadcast

Campus Network

Flexible screen configuration, the screen can be divided to play multiple live broadcast contents at the same time, or the contents can be played independently without affecting each other.


Low installation cost, all transmitters and receivers are powered by PoE, no additional power supply is required during installation, just an additional LAN cable is needed.


Flexible operation, the entire system can be centrally controlled via an intranet using a computer or tablet.

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